How to Download?


Step 1.


Register on


Step 2


In the sign up page, you will required to put access code to copy the file you want to download into your drive, click “get code”.


Step 3


Allow the permissions to google drive like before you log-in.


Step 4


Copy the unique code and paste into previous tab, select “confirm”.


Step 6.


Paste the unique code you get from previous step.


Step 7.

Create a new password, and you shall able to download from Googledrive links again.


Step 8.

Back to download page / rfdrive download page and refresh page then click download file.


Tips :

  • Do not use multiple account to login on your browser, just use 1 account to avoid error etc.
  • If you got an error or another problem please make sure you check your google drive space first its full or not because 1 acccount only have 15GB space.
  • Contact me if you have another error etc, you can contact me in our chat box or email me directly.